Bundle Up This Winter with Crime-Fighting Taser Gloves

Everyone wants to have a super power. But not everybody is willing to strap a battery and capacitor-filled Altoid tin to their wrist to create taser gloves. Stopping crime is important, but where am I expected to put my mints?

The Techno-Holics have taken the first step to becoming crime-fighting super heroes. Built from disposable-camera capacitors, AA batteries, Altoids tins, and rubber gloves, the taser gloves give off a nasty spark that could potentially knock your enemies on their ass.

The glove wearer needs to charge the gloves before they're capable of thwarting any criminal misdeeds. Which is probably a good safety precaution. The last thing you want to be known as is the super hero that shocked his crotch because he had an itch. [Techno-Holics]


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The Vulcan nerve pinch just took on a whole new perspective. Either that, or this person (Altoid power pack and all) is well on their way to becoming a Cyberman.