Apparently, proxy test taking is a big enough problem that the nation's top business schools will soon require that students undergo a palm vein scan before taking their GMATs. Like a fingerprint, the system of veins running through the hand is unique to every individual, and supporters claim that using vein scanning is not only superior to the current digital fingerprint method, but it also does not come with the same stigma.

Personally, I don't think that standardized tests are really worth a damn when it comes to admissions, so all of the fuss surrounding it seems pretty silly to me. At most, it should be weighted on the very tail end of a student's accomplishments. Still, if dropping $250 on the GMATs is in your future, palm-vein scanning will begin next month in Korea and India, with US centers starting around the fall. A world-wide rollout is expected by May. [WSJ]


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