Buy a Set of Star Wars Glassware and Then Fight Over Who Drinks From the Death Star

Who’s to say if a cocktail tastes better sipped from an Endor or a Tatooine glass? What’s for certain is that you can spend $40 on this six-piece set of Star Wars Planetary Glassware from ThinkGeek, and then fight over who gets to drink from the Death Star glass, and who has to settle for Hoth.


Each glass’ distinctive pattern comes from a high-temperature heat wrap instead of a stain or other printing method. It means the details and colors are vivid, but you also can’t put them in the microwave or in the dishwasher.

And while everyone is going to want to drink from the Death Star, the Alderaan glass is also a fun choice because it looks like it’s in the process of shattering and being blown to smithereens. [ThinkGeek]

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