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Buy This Glowing Antler Lamp Instead Of Shooting Bambi's Mom

Illustration for article titled Buy This Glowing Antler Lamp Instead Of Shooting Bambis Mom

Looking for that perfect home accent to hang over your fireplace? Instead of grabbin' yer guns and heading out into the woods to bag a trophy buck, you might want to consider trying to coerce artist Chen Bikovski to start selling her brilliant deer lamps that recreate a set of antlers using shafts of light.


Inspired by the origami used in children's pop-up books, the lamp features a large pull tab on the bottom that causes the deer's ears to extend and its internal lighting to turn on. It's light enough to hang on any wall, and more importantly, there's no taxidermy fees involved and you don't have to spend a week cleaning blood off the roof of your car. [The Small Details via 1 Design Per Day]

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Bambi's MOM? Really? DAD, dude! Females DO NOT GROW ANTLERS! You probably don't even know the difference between antlers and horns (you're on Google now, aren't you?)

cool lamp, though.