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Buzz Gets Its Inevitable EPIC FTC Complaint

Illustration for article titled Buzz Gets Its Inevitable EPIC FTC Complaint

Despite the apologies and quick-fixes, Google still has a lot of explaining to do about Buzz. And if the FTC decides to hear the Electronic Privacy Information Center's complaint, we'd get some answers right quick.


EPIC's 16-page complaint, filed yesterday, cites a dissatisfaction with the measures Google has taken so far to shore up Buzz's security. Users still have to opt out of the service, and Buzz still uses address books to build follower/following lists.


An FTC complaint is significant because it frames the discomfort over Buzz legalistically. Should the agency choose to investigate—which given the degree of public outcry and clear privacy violations, they may well—that could result in government regulation of the service. If nothing else, it's another black mark on Buzz, and another indication that while Google may "do no evil," they don't necessarily always do good. [EPIC via Ars Technica]

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Google has a lot of our information. I know that some of the following rant is more emotional then logical - but this is a concern.

Google has our email addresses, our contact information with our friends, family, business associates, etc... They also have our credit card & address information. In some case they even have our health records (, not to mention our search history and if you use their DNS even our browsing history.

This is a lot of information. They should have never decided to use certain pieces of my information and share them or make them public. I should be able to trust Google, and many people (like myself) no longer do.

Not only Buzz poorly designed, but it wasn't even properly explained and automatically people were literally forced into it. This is a big black eye for Google.