Bye Bye Brain Says Hello to Windows Phone 7

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It looks like Windows Phone 7 is going to have at least one pretty game on it when it arrives, in the shape of Bye Bye Brain—a 3D zombie-based tower defense game.


Built using Microsoft's free-to-everyone XNA development tools, Bye Bye Brain takes the appearance of the micro-management defense genre to the next level, letting users control the camera and pinch the screen to zoom in on the 3D zombie-slaying action. It certainly shows off the finalised Windows Phone 7 spec to good effect. [Ricardo Acosta via Recombu]

Bye Bye Brain, Windows Phone 7 Game from riacosta on Vimeo.


Jeff Kibuule

If I remember correctly, Super Monkey Ball was the only game that used 3D in a "pretty" way when the App Store launched in 2008. Everything else was just your basic 2D list app.

I'm thinking that Microsoft is trying to raise the bar from a gaming experience on the phone. It's better to have fewer games of better quality than tons of stuff that makes it impossible to find the gems in the crowd.