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Windows Phone 7 Is Done

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft's releasing Windows Phone 7 to manufacturing today—in other words, it's done. Final. Complete. Microsoft managed to add a few new bits before shrink-wrapping it, too.

What RTM means is hardware makers and carriers can start finalizing their own plans for Windows Phone 7—tweaking drivers, preparing carrier-specific services for integration, that kind of thing. Gettings things ready to go. What that doesn't mean, however, is that Microsoft is telling us when Windows Phone 7 will actually land in our grippy hands. Octoberish, as previously rumored, still seems like the safe bet.


Microsoft had time to add a handful of new things to the final build, based on feedback from the version I had a chance to review. Nothing monumental—like multitasking, or to some people, copy and paste—but helpful. There's a handful of UI tweaks, to make stuff like search more obvious in the UI. "Discoverable" is Microsoft's word. Aaaaand there's a couple of Facebook add-ons: You can filter out Facebook contacts from your main contact list, ridding it of Facebook contact pollution; you can post to people's walls from their contact card in the People hub; and of course, you can now "Like" things.

What's still missing that we hope we'd see? Built-in Twitter support. The official word now is that it'll have to come from apps. Kind of a letdown. But hey, at least this thing is done. [Microsoft]