Bye Bye Wall Warts? Run (Almost) Everything At 12 Volts

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Google founder Larry Page is getting sick and tired of inefficient power supplies in servers eating up boatloads of his profits, so he's calling for home computers and servers to have everything running at 12 volts, eliminating the need for those energy-sucking power supplies inside PCs with their various voltages and lame wastefulness. Begged Page in a recent speech:

"I'm going to just plead with all of you, let's get the power supply problems fixed, or let's get all these devices talking together."

Google is pushing for a standard where nearly everything runs on 12-volt power. See how cool this could be, after the jump.

A great side effect of this push from the "don't be evil" Google guru would be the elimination of annoying wall warts, instead distributing power inside homes and businesses at 12 volts. That would bring plenty of power for everything but amp-sucking appliances in the kitchen and laundry room, and pave the way for lots of reasonably-priced, easier-to-install and way-cool low-voltage lighting. Another upside would be a savings of 40 billion kilowatt hours over three years, worth $5 billion. It would be safer, too. Yeah, Larry, let's don't be evil.


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