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Why do they call me C-Dub? I'm CW. Makes sense. Why are these my fave CES posts? Dunno, they struck me as neat stuff. See what you think:

Dell Home Media Suite: Too bad it's so goddamn expensive


We're Taking Requests: Funniest cartoon in our coverage thus far

Sony VAIO UX Micro PC: We want one of these for our next CES adventure.


Sharp Rolls Out Gigantic 108-Inch LCD: Size does matter.

Samsung Unleashes a Diminutive HD Camcorder: But sometimes, smaller is better


Blam Lunches with the Richest Man in the World: They talk about real stuff, have a great time.

Super Multi Blue Blu-ray/HD DVD Player $1,199: This is the one that will be remembered after the smoke clears


Which is your favorite so far?