Caitlín R. Kiernan's Drowning Girl and The Red Tree Optioned For Film

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Caitlín R. Kiernan has earned considerable acclaim for her works, including a pair of World Fantasy Awards last year, and now, two of her best-known works have been optioned for film.

According to Kiernan, Josh Boone’s production company Mid-World Productions has optioned The Red Tree and The Drowning Girl. Boone recently directed The Fault In Our Stars and the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. He will write the screenplay for The Drowning Girl, while Kiernan will be writing The Red Tree.


Here’s the statement which Kiernan released via her blog:

Josh Boone’s Mid-World Productions has optioned both The Red Tree and The Drowning Girlto develop into feature films. I’m writing the screenplay for The Red Tree. Josh will be writing The Drowning Girl. Judy Cairo will be producing. Josh is known for The Fault In Our Stars and is currently directing Stephen King’s The Stand (in pre-production) and the reboot of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles.


Kiernan released The Drowning Girl: A Memoir in 2012, and it follows a young woman named India Morgan Phelps after she discovers a woman in the middle of the road, and her obsessive hunt to discover her past, complicated by Phelps’ schizophrenia. The Red Tree is about a woman who leaves the south for Rhode Island and discovers a manuscript from a former tenant, which harbors some long-forgotten revelations.

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