Call for Entries: Gizmodo Wants to Destroy Your Old Gadgets

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Hey, remember when I torched my crappy old cellphone? That was fun. So fun, that I want to keep it up. I'm looking to creatively destroy old, crappy, frustrating, or otherwise explosion-worthy gadgets for your (and my) delight and amusement. The problem is, I don't have a pile of crappy phones to smash with hammers and throw off buildings. That's where you come in.


If you have an old device of any kind that you'd like to see us creatively destroy on video, send it to us! We're looking for all sorts of different products that deserve a horrible death for any number of reasons. If you've got something you want to see wrecked, shoot me an email and tell me what it is and why you want it destroyed. If we're on the same page, I'll give you the address for shipments, and in a few weeks, you'll see Blakeley and me get sadistic all over it. Everybody wins!

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Dont you think that this is a little irresponsible? Why would we burn/maim these gadgets when they should be properly recycled? I understand the novelty of destroying things, but really can't we be a bit more responsible then this Gizmodo? I'm disappointed.