Can Apple's Stock Beat The New iPhone Curse?


Can Apple's stock beat the new iPhone curse this time?

For the last three years, Apple's stock fell during the month following a new iPhone announcement. It was down 10% in 2007 after the iPhone was first announced, down 4% in 2008 after the iPhone 3G unveiling, and down 5% after the iPhone 3GS was announced in 2009.

So far, Apple's stock is following the historical trend. As of this writing, Apple is down 1.8% on the day, despite analysts loving Apple and iPhone 4. (The market at large has been mixed today.)


If Apple were to buck the historical trend it would have to fight the tape. The market at large has been slipping for the last month.

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Apple is in a curious position. Most believe the stock is way overpriced as it is. The stock price has skyrocketed at such a pace that i believe most people are poised to cash out and take their money and run. I'm not sure this bubble can keep expanding forever, I think its ready to burst regardless of how apple products sell at the moment.