Colorful projections animated L.A.'s City Hall for New Year's Eve

You've now got images for public art installations, gallery shows, books, websites, and tote bags that will help the building live on forever. But it's true that the best part of the Portland Building is its scale. So on certain nights, you'll project those images on a surrounding building of equal size and shape (using technology like this, which projected images on L.A.'s City Hall for New Year's Eve). Now, you have the ability to turn any boring building in downtown Portland into the colorful, quirky Portland Building for a night or two. Follow it with a screening of a film shot in Portland—Mr. Holland's Opus?—or an episode of Portlandia, if you'd like.


Then tear down the Portland Building and use the land to expand the adjacent park. People can sit there while they watch the show.

Top photo by Keith Daly

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