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No one's ever called the hammock industry out on false advertising, but the image of someone comfortable napping in a net suspended between two trees is a lie. Finding your way in and out of a sagging hammock is an ordeal equal to mounting Everest, and once you're in, you're swallowed up by netting that's slowly leaving its imprint on your bare skin. So if the bizarrely shaped Sky Bed sleeping hammock delivers on its promises, it could revolutionize how we all spend Labor Day.


The Sky Bed's most notable feature is its innovative asymmetric design that actually ends up providing a surprisingly flat place to stretch out when used with a foam or inflatable sleeping mat. So while it feels like you're camping on the floor of a tent, you're still kept off the cold ground overnight.

And instead of rope webbing, the Sky Bed is made from ripstop nylon so if it ends up pressed against your bare skin, there won't be much evidence of it afterwards. At $95 it's certainly on the more expensive side of hammocks, but it's definitely not obscenely overpriced. Besides, would you rather drop $50 on a hammock you'll use once and remember how uncomfy they are, or spend a little more on this option and never want to have to climb out of it? [Hammock Bliss via Gizmag]


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