Just as world’s most famous off-center landmark has ever-so-slowly started to straighten up, a new structure on the Peruvian coast just might nab the sought-after title of Best Spot To Be Photographed Looking Like You’re Holding Up An Entire Building.

The Unbalanced Hotel comes from the minds of Madrid-based architecture firm OOIIO, whose architects felt that framing the rugged seaside view near Lima with this kind of unconventional silhouette would be less intrusive than erecting something that, well, you couldn’t see straight through. A spokesman for OOIIO told Dezeen that the exact address is yet to be confirmed, but once the location is sorted in October it should be a two-and-a-half year process until the shimmering geometric donut is fully realized. Once finished, the interior’s 125 rooms, conference rooms, and restaurants would all get a pretty stunning view of the surrounds, but it’s tough to get a perspective on the true visual impact of the exterior without knowing exactly where it will be sited.


Also, is it just me, or do these renderings have a total Planet of the Apes vibe? Here’s hoping they install a super effective guardrail along the cliff’s edge to protect the snap-happy masses. [Dezeen]

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