Canon EOS 50D Leaks on Canon China Site

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It looks like data on the upcoming Canon EOS 50D DSLR has been leaked onto the web, by Canon itself. Details appeared briefly on Canon's China site, although the link now is disabled, and gave an insight into what specs the beast will have. They're pretty decent: it's a 15.1-megapixel camera (with standard 1.6x CMOS sensor factor) with a 9-segment AF/AE sensor array, 95% view viewfinder and shoots at ISO 100 to 3200, with an "expansion" to 6400 and 12800. There's also face recognition auto focus, 6.3 frames-per-second high-speed shooting, and 14-bit image processing by the Digic 4 processor. Interestingly it'll have an HDMI output too. Obviously we'll have to wait for a proper release to know more—including data on prices and release dates. [ via Thanks, Patrick!]