Illustration for article titled Canon FD Adapter Brings Even More Classic Lens Compatibility To Micro Four Thirds System

We've already seen the Leica M-Mount adapter; now, Canon FD lenses are compatible with Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds system and its Lumix DMC-G1.


Pairing a Micro 4/3 body with loads of vintage lenses is one of the things that could set it apart as a nice, compact alternative to a DSLR, should the price come down for Micro 4/3 bodies. The FD adapter appears to be done DIY style by a Japanese guy with pretty awesome circa-1995 web skills: you can buy for ¥147,000 (~$160), and he also makes a Leica M-Mount adapter as well. Impress took it for a spin with a variety of different old school FD lenses—check out their test shots for a closer look. [Product Page (Translated) via Impress Digicam Watch (translated)]

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