Canon Snap Concept, a Microcam for Your Index Finger

Illustration for article titled Canon Snap Concept, a Microcam for Your Index Finger

This is one of those design concepts that might also require a genie in a bottle to actually come into fruition. It's called the Canon Snap, a high-quality camera small enough to wear like a ring. Push its single button, and you've got digi-photos. Sure, looks neat. If they could just make that lens retract down to flatness it would be near-perfect. Sure, there are cameras smaller than the Snap already, but their quality probably achieves new lows of suckatude. So it all depends on what the designers mean by "high quality." Anyway, we like the Canon Snap's ultra-small form factor, because after all, even the best camera in the world won't do you any good if you don't have it with you. [Yanko Design]




This is why we have cell phones with cameras. This is just kind of unnecessary. Are people getting so lazy that they can't lift their phone to take a picture?