Canon's New Consumer Camcorders

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Canon announced their entire new consumer camcorder line before CES, the DC50, DC200 Series and the ZR Series

The DC50 is Canon's flagship consumer model, which will tell you that their entire lineup is a pretty sad state of affairs. It records direct to DVD and can take hi-res stills with its 5.39 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor stored on miniSD. Video captures through the DIGIC DV II image processor and10x optical zoom shoots steady through Super Range Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The D50 will run you $799.


Hit the jump for the rest of the line, along with the faintest sound of a Canon fanboy's heart shattering into a million little pieces.

DC200 Series

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Canon's DC230, DC220 and DC210 are also DVD camcorders. These little brothers of the DC50 actually sport more optical zoom: 35X "capture Junior's first catch in the outfield and not miss the exultant expression on his face". Apparently DC50 owners don't give a crap about Junior.

The only difference within the DC200s is the various levels of still capturing, ranging from nonexistent to 1152 x 864 resolution on miniSD card.


Otherwise the specs are nearly identical to the DC50. The 9-point autofocus is still there, along with the DIGIC DV II processing and a 2.7" widescreen LCD. The DC200 line starts at $499.

ZR Series

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Canon's ZR cameras are the mini-dv stepchildren, secluded to the basement when company comes over. Other than coming in three different colors (well...just that tiny part on the back) and sporting a downgraded DIGIC DV processor, specs are identical to the 200's...right along with a 1.07 megapixel CCD. The ZR line starts at a very affordable $279.

Overall I'm extremely disappointed by Canon's new line. In a time when average consumers have become video editors, Canon offers the difficult-to-edit, SD DVD medium. Why no hard drives, Canon? Maybe some hands-on time at the show will change my opinion, but I strongly doubt it.


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