If your ideal vacation has you cruising the countryside in a VW Camper Van, but you're having a heck of a time finding a used one for sale, Dub-Box USA might just have a decent alternative. In fact, the company's retro-styled camper trailers are probably better option than an aging VW, thanks to modern amenities like an actual shower and a built-in Bluetooth sound system.

The Dub-Box trailers are made from scratch with a lightweight, but durable fiberglass shell. So, if you're worried that the company is destroying vintage VW Camper Vans to make these, don't be.

The interiors are laid out rather simply, with a small kitchen on one end, and a convertible table/bed at the other. And the roof does raise like VW's Camper, making it easier to walk around inside when it's parked.


If you'd rather customize the trailer yourself, you can buy the basic empty shell for $8,500. But a furnished model starts at $19,500, not including must-have options like a toilet, stove, fridge, heater, outdoor shower, and generator. For a few dollars more you can even customize your trailer's color, or add custom vinyl graphics. And while it's far from roughing it, it does let you experience the great outdoors—or a giant outdoor concert—just like your parents did. [Dub-Box USA via Outside]