Can't Make It To A Gizmodo Day Meetup? Celebrate Online!

There are nearly 400 Gizmodo Day Meetups occurring around the world, but unfortunately not all of us can make it to one of the events. So what do we do? We throw an online #gizday Meetup, of course!


To join in on the fun those folks at the "real world" Meetups are having, just head over to the #gizday tagpage and comment your heart out. You'll even get to see the pictures being uploaded straight from events taking place all over the world and you can post pictures from your private Gizmodo celebration—just keep things decent, please.

If you're still confused about how our tagpages work or about commenting in general, check out our comprehensive guide before heading over to #gizday.

Top image via Rob. Inspiration for an online Meetup via KevlarAllah.


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