Captain America: Civil War Just Revealed A New Major Marvel Villain

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And no, I'm not talking about Iron Man. A new casting call sheet for the third Captain America movie causally mentioned that the recently added castmember Daniel Bruhl will play Baron Zemo, one of Cap's most formidable foes, in the film. Here's why this is awesome.

Explaining who Baron Zemo is a little complicated. When Marvel resurrected Captain America in the '60, Zemo began as kind-of a knock-off Red Skull — an evil Nazi who hated America and everything Cap stood for, and was furthered enraged by the fact that he'd accidentally superglued a hood onto his face (don't ask). After he died trying to do something evil, and he was succeeded by his son, a.k.a. Baron Zemo II, who became a major antagonist to the Sta-Spangled Avenger — and the other Avengers, too. He led more than a few of the Masters of Evil supervillain groups, and very nearly managed to destroy the team, even at a time when it included Cap, Hercules, and Monica Rambeau, the Captain Marvel at the time. (Actually, although vanquished, Zemo hurt the Avengers so bad in the arc titled "Under Siege" that Captain America literally cried when it was over.)


I'm going to guess that the 36-year-old Bruhl will play a modern descendent of a Baron Zemo movie Captain America fought in World War II, making him more or less the Marvel cinematic universe equivalent of Zemo II. Honestly, Zemo is one of my favorite Marvel villains, and I'm almost sad he's being used in Civil War, where he'll likely take a bit of a backseat to the division between Cap and Iron Man. However, if this means Bruhl can lead the Masters of Evil in Avengers 5, then I'm all for it.

[Via Uproxx]