Captured U.S. Freighter Captain Freed During Daring Firefight On the High Seas

The U.S. Navy has reportedly freed captured U.S. sea Capt. Richard Phillips during what can only be described as a daring, technology aided raid on the high seas.Three of the four pirates are dead. [SFGate]

More info at CNN. And as if there was any doubt, when we said Navy before, we meant the SEALs.

Update: More from Reuters as additional details emerge throughout the day:

President Barack Obama gave authority to kill the Somali pirates holding U.S. cargo ship captain Richard Phillips, and a commander acted when he concluded the pirates were about to kill the hostage, a U.S. Navy official said on Sunday.

"They were pointing the AK-47s at the captain," Vice Adm. William Gortney, head of the U.S. Naval Central Command, said in a Pentagon briefing from Bahrain.



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