Car Turntable: No More Backing Out

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Our mechanically-minded second cousins at Jalopnik have found a vehicle turntable from Hovair that floats on air bearings, turning that car around in your driveway so you're always ready to make a quick getaway. Then you can drive straight in, and the next morning, drive straight out. This might be perfect for someone on a busy street who has trouble backing out into traffic. Plus, it only needs a pit that's just four to five inches deep to install it.

The vehicle turntable might be popular for car dealers, or exhibitors at car shows. Or, just think of it, if you want to be a real hotdog and show off your car to the neighbors, put some really bright lights on it and rotate that Bugatti Veyron all day and night. "Steal Me Now" sign not included. No word on pricing, but this can't be cheap.


Car Turntables And A Microphone: The Hovair Auto Turntable [Jalopnik]

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