Carat: Learn How to Better Conserve Your Phone's Battery

Some apps just slurp up your battery like a starving animal eating its first meal in months. But which ones are draining the most juice? Carat will give you the answer.

What does it do?

It scans your apps to tell you the affect they're having on your phone. Then it recommends which ones you should nix, and how much time you'll gain if you do.


Why do we like it?

Carat is really straightforward. For example, it will direct you to kill Facebook in order to see see an expected improvement of an hour. If you've ever had that desperate feeling where you're phone's running out of power and you're away from home, you'll be happy to have Carat. Just don't expect it to work right away—it has to spend a couple days monitoring your usage habits before it can give a proper reading. [TechCrunch]


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