Carbon. Fiber. Chopsticks.

Illustration for article titled Carbon. Fiber. Chopsticks.

Carbon Fiber, because it's so strong, allows products that are very sturdy for its size. Chopsticks are for eating. You'd think that never the twain shall meet, but you don't own a store that sells crap made of carbon fiber.

So this, my friends, this is a $150 pair of carbon fiber chopsticks with corresponding chopstick rest. On the one hand, it's non-toxic and dishwasher-safe. On the other hand, you could buy 150 different pairs of chopsticks for the price of one of these. Unless you're planning on picking up BBQ coals with these and then shoving it into your pie hole, standard chopsticks work just fine. [Carbon Fiber Gear via Description Page]

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A solution for a problem that did not exist. Sweet.