Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Clothing Will Protect Cyclists From Road Rash

Donning a full suit of motorcycle leathers for your morning bike ride to work is probably overkill, but cyclists can still be subjected to road rash should they fall while wearing less-than-protective gear. So athletic gear manufacturer Scott is developing shorts and jerseys strategically reinforced in key areas using both carbon fiber and ceramics, so the garments hold up if the rider ends up sliding across pavement.

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Originally developed by a company called Schoeller Textiles, the protective fabric, which will be used to reinforce the shoulders and hips of the Scott garments, is covered in patterns of ceramic particles that serve to protect the material from the friction of a rider hitting the road. It also helps the fabric resist tearing, which would expose the rider's skin underneath.


To further ensure the fabrics in its ITD ProTec Bikewear Technology will protect riders who no longer find themselves on their bikes, the reinforced sections are actually woven with carbon fibers to make them especially strong but still lightweight and flexible.

And as a bonus, it even has antibacterial properties keeping body odor in check. So for $125 for the jersey and $145 for the shorts, available in late 2015, riders will be able to protect themselves from painful injuries and embarrassing smells. [Scott via The Gear Caster]

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but will it come in muscle-tone