Carrie Fisher is the Reason Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Filled With Space Jewelry

Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube

Star Wars has always had a bit of space glamor to it—especially in the prequels—but jewelry has never been particularly important to the saga, unless you count the kyber crystal in every lightsaber being the ultimate Star Wars fashion accessory. And yet, it’s seemingly all over the place in the Last Jedi, for one good reason in particular.


There’s been a frankly astonishing amount of jewelry talk when it comes to The Last Jedi. There are rumors, like the ones about that giant, black-jeweled ring Supreme Leader Snoke wears in the movie or about a certain special necklace in Luke Skywalker’s possession. And then there are even more necklaces that we know about, like the ring Poe Dameron wears around his neck, or yesterday’s reveal (through Entertainment Weekly) of a mysterious necklace that Rose wears that ties into her backstory:

Image: Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm, via Entertainment Weekly.
Image: Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm, via Entertainment Weekly.

For a franchise that’s barely been interested in space bling before, to have so much of it seemingly important to the world of The Last Jedi is weird. And fans are starting to notice, to the point they’re pestering director Rian Johnson about it on Twitter—and Johnson has given an answer, pinning the galaxy far, far away’s new fashion obsession on the legendary Carrie Fisher:

Look, Johnson is probably joking. But also, this seems totally like a Carrie Fisher thing to do, so in my mind, this is absolutely the reason for all this important space jewelry floating around. What Carrie Fisher wants, Carrie Fisher gets, god dammit.



It’s too bad Patrick Stewart wasn’t in this one. Then we could have had a dune buggy show up somewhere.