Cat Genie Allows Cats to Poop Like Humans

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It's a rare day when Gizmodo gets the opportunity to write about cat bodily function gadgets, and today is one of those fabulous days. The Cat Genie looks like a toilet, and it really is a toilet. Instead of traditional scooping cat litter, the Cat Genie uses granules are washed and dried while the solid poopies are scooped and liquefied and flushed down an actual toilet or drain. This isn't just royalty treatment for the cat, better sanitization for the litterbox means healthier humans in the house. $350. Maybe ill buy one to put in my car, you know, for me.


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I own this product and it has made having cats a wonderful thing. I love the kitties, but the hassle of emptying and cleaning the litterbox was definitely one of the down-sides of owning two of the adorable furballs. With The Cat Genie that chore has disappeared. Not only do the cats get to use the bathroom, but it flushes and cleans itself with no effort on my part other than a light sweeping (which I do anyway) of the bathroom to clean up a few stray granules that pop out of the machine during the cleaning process. I shopped online and definitely found a much better price than the advertised price of $350, so do a bit of homework before you buy. I HIGHLY recommend The Cat Genie for anyone who has cats, especially if you have more than one!