CDs Get Into the Groove, Do Music the 45RPM Way

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This is a story of a not so environmentally friendly, but rather groovy repurposing idea: reusing CDs as records (remember them?) At the UK's Futuresonic festival last week, a guy named Aleks Kolkowski had his vintage record-cutting machine ready to carve sound tracks into old CDs and DVDs. People simply had to turn up with an old disc and a sound file and he'd "overwrite" the CD with a track ready to be played on a turntable. Neat! I'd have been there asking Aleks for a copy of my first ever record (that'll be the theme to Watership Down— I know, I know) on a crappy old AOL CD I found recently. [Futuresonic via DIYDaily via ]



Actually, I still say this is environmentally friendly. Not like more CDs are being made. Its taking something that already exists (that you don't want and would likely throw away) and giving it another "life". Pretty cool. I think the first thing I ever wanted to own for music was the Bay City Rollers single "Saturday Night" S A TUR DAY NIGHT!

Hey...cut me some slack. I was like 10 years old. It was catchy! Too bad 45's didn't look like CDs...that would have been SWEET... all shiny and stuff.