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At CeBIT 2006 in Hanover, Germany, a group of manufacturers built what they're calling the fastest commercially available PC, an Intel Pentium 4 workstation running at 5.46 GHz.

There was some serious overclockage that had to be done to get that kind of speed. To keep things from frying, Asetek supplied its VapoChill LightSpeed CPU cooling system which keeps the temperature surrounding that CPU at a chilly -33 degrees Celsius, along with a WaterChill water cooling system keeping the graphics and motherboard chipset from melting.


Before all the overclocking, the builders started with a Intel P4 3.8GHz CPU, added Kingston HyperX RAM and a Western Digital Raptor X hard drive that its maker says is the fastest SATA drive on the planet. The workstation will be on display at Asetek s booth at CeBIT all this week.

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