CEDIA 2006: Cambridge Soundworks Announces 4 Tabletop Radios

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Cambridge seemed to go balls to the walls this CEDIA with the announcement of four tabletop radios. They range from a basic 705 model all the way up to the complex 745 featuring iPod/Zen docking capabilities. All of the models will be available in black or white. Hit the jump to get the scoop on all the radios, including sexy pictures and prices.

SoundWorks Radio CD 745
(pictured above)
This is the top dog in Cambridge's newly-announced line of tabletop radios. It can play back music through a variety of sources including AM/FM, CD, MP3 CD and even through an iPod or Zen portable media player with the external dock. The auxiliary input allows anything with a standard audio jack to be played through the 745. The music is played back through the award-winning SoundWorks 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer. This radio carries a hefty $400 price tag.


SoundWorks Radio 735


This is exactly the same as the 745 mentioned above but it lacks the MP3/CD player. This player will retail for $300—I'll ditch a CD player any day of the week for $100.

SoundWorks Radio 820HD


This radio is capable of delivering HD radio content. It is also built with a super-antenna that can receive HD radio signals, AM and FM. Also included is an auxiliary input so any other audio device can be plugged in. It will be available for $300.

SoundWorks Radio 705


This is the baby of the SoundWorks line of table radios. It is a basic AM/FM radio, but also includes an auxiliary input like the rest of the above-mentioned SoundWorks radios. The music is pumped out through a single speaker. This little radio will retail for $120.