CEDIA 2006: Crosley Digital Jukebox

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I first heard about Crosley last month when we saw the iJuke iPod Jukebox. This was pretty sweet, but I stopped by the Crosley booth today and saw something even sweeter. This is the iTunes Digital Jukebox from Crosley.

It is a full-sized jukebox that comes loaded up with a large touchscreen and is powered by a Mac Mini. There are USB ports on the front of the jukebox for iPod, keyboard, or any other device. You can network the jukebox to your existing network to stream music, rip music directly to it via CD, or connect to the iTunes music store or any other music service to get the beats flowin'. This comes loaded up with a basic Mac Mini and touchscreen for roughly $5,000 and it should be shipping in a couple months.


Product Page [Crosley]