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Ceiva Digital Picture Frames Allows Global Picture Sharing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ceiva has announced some interesting updates to their line of digital picture frames that may change the way you display and share pictures. They have added a 7- and 8-inch model to their lineup. The 7-inch model has a resolution of 480x324 and the 8-inch model has a resolution of 640x480 and includes interchangeable bezels in a wood finish and black.

The frame can be loaded up with images through a variety of ways. It includes a memory card reader that supports most memory card types for direct photo-viewing, but it can also hook up to your home network via an optional direct or wireless Ethernet connector. It can also receive images from PicturePlan. PicturePlan is Ceiva's monthly service that allows you to display new photos everyday, also send pictures to the digital frame from anywhere in the world and even allow picture sharing which may or not be the greatest of ideas (Goatse during Christmas dinner, anyone?). The frames begin at $150 and the PicturePlan service starts at $7 per month.


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