Not a day goes by that I don't lament my inability to hook up my Blackberry to a full-size monitor and keyboard. OK, I've never actually thought that, but the REDFLY dock from Celio can pull it off regardless.


In a new demonstration video, Celio shows off their REDFLY Moab, a small box that gives you some room to stretch out in your smartphone's OS. "Why wouldn't you just send an e-mail in webmail?" you ask, and I wonder the same thing myself. But seeing the familiar Blackberry OS on a big screen is actually sort of amusing, like seeing an elephant balance on its hind legs.

It doesn't look like the REDFLY supports mouses yet, so if you were excited at the prospect of inflating your Brickbreaker high score you can forget about it. No word on when Celio will be rolling out the dock, so for the time being your smartphone input is limited to your two innermost digits. [Engadget]