Cellphone Calls Fire Up This Guy's Maytag Oven

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Surely you have heard rumors about cellphones wreaking havoc around electronics and flammables, but this guy claims that calls to his Sony Ericsson PDA (P910 perhaps?) light up his Maytag Magic Chef oven—and he has video to prove it.

When Andrei Melnikov's Sony Ericsson PDA is within about two feet of the stove, an incoming call will make the Maytag Magic Chef stove beep, and the digital display will light up, indicating that the broiler is on high.

Open it up and you'll see the gas flames streaming out of the broiler's burners as it begins cooking anything inside it in 500-plus degree heat.

A Maytag repairman acknowledged the problem and told Melnikov that he needed to order "a suppressor" that would take 7-10 days to arrive. He claims that that this is the first time Maytag has heard of the issue and they are currently looking into it. It's also the first time Melnikov has dealt with it in the years that his family has owned the stove and the phone. Still, a glitch like this is pretty damned unsettling. [1010 WIns via MyFoxDC via Fark]