Cellphone Party In The Pants

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Ladies: We all know you have a special geek or dork in your life who's into cellphones. That's why you need to cook them a delicious meal, get them in the sack, then take off your clothes to reveal Karrysafe, the lingerie that has a secret holding compartment for your cellphone. Karrysafe is designed exclusively for women who want to carry personal belongings around safely and discreetly. They also say the Karrysafe has "stealth pocketing", but really it's just a PR term for "let's have a threesome with the Nokia". Considering it's only 12.99, it might make a nice stocking stuffer for the holidays if the wife keeps her ringer on "Vibrate" a lot. If you're a married geek, your wife will appreciate this sexy garment. If you're a lonely geek... umm... Real Dolls?

If you want to grab it in the states, give MoMA some luvvvv.

Sexy Security For Your Handset [Textually]


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