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Cellphone Projectors on the Way?

Illustration for article titled Cellphone Projectors on the Way?

South Korea's Iljin Display has been crowing about its coin-sized laser projector module for more than a year with no haps, but now the company says it's inked a deal with South Korea Telecom (SK Telecom) to mass-produce the projector for use inside cellphones. Is Iljin's so-called Nano Projector finally for real?


Iljin says the diminutive projector will be installed in SK Telecom's cellphones beginning this September, and those pocket-theater-toting cellphones will be for sale both in Korea and perhaps even here in the US soon thereafter.


The company blurted out even more bluster about the future of its of its pint-sized projectors, saying by the end of this year it will begin cranking out tiny stand-alone units that'll let you set up an 800-pound milligram-ish guerrilla theater with a 20-inch screen virtually anywhere you want. We'll believe it when we see it.

Iljin Display to Commercialize Nano Projector [Far East Gizmos, via Digital Tokyo]

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Timothy Burke

Ah, yet another technology Science Fiction in the 50's and 60's said we'd have "In the Year 2000."

Nice to see we're somewhat getting there.