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Not everyone can live in the sprawling feudalist mansion estates like those of Gizmodo writers - or so we've heard. Apparently there are hordes of peasants who live in single-family homes, or even (gasp!) apartments.

For the "poors" who live in cramped quarters or the "crazies" who don't want their entertainment centers sprawling into their kitchens, the Philips One Piece DVD Home Theater (HTS8100) is a promising choice. The system features a DVD-player with HDMI out and 1080p upconversion, while built-in Sonowave speakers offer surround sound without the rears taking up your living room. The whole package is one, elegant line only broken by a separate subwoofer. Now if this system only supported next gen DVDs, we'd sell our mansions just to fondle its svelt, obelisk-on-its-side body.


Philips Home Theatre (product not here yet)