CES Caption Contest: What's Going Through this Woman's Mind as She's Massaged by a Robot?

Illustration for article titled CES Caption Contest: Whats Going Through this Womans Mind as Shes Massaged by a Robot?

Booth babes usually have it easy, (aside from being used as inanimate perma-smiling pieces of cleavage furniture). This one doesn't. I spied this disturbing scene and could only wonder what she was thinking. "How did it come to this?"

The poor, captive model, whose job was to lie completely inert as a Wheeme robot drove across her back, was surrounded by an ogling crowd. The creepier part was when her male counterpart fixed her hair for her, as she lay there, frozen and helpless. That's when I turned around and left.


But what do you guys think was on her mind?

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