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Chairs come in all shapes and sizes—but you probably never expected it would be possible to create an entire alphabet out of them.


Designer Tim Fishlock has put together this Typeseat print based around that exact idea, where each letter is represented by an iconic 20th century chair. He explains:

A lot of my work explores symbols and the idea of pictorial shorthand. I'm fascinated by the alphabet, how most of the letters began as pictures, icons from another era. Social and cultural change and aesthetic trends have been reflected in the Roman alphabet as it's been refined over the centuries. Few objects reflect this cultural change as distinctly as the chair. An Eames lounger or a Panton chair are effective shorthand for the aesthetic trends of the day.


You can buy a limited edition print—there's a run of just 300—for $70 at twentytwtentyone. [twentytwentyone via Design Milk]

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