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Chart Shows Most Post-Apocalyptic Movie Of All Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How does I Am Legend stack up against other post-apocalyptic movies? We compared fourteen movies to see whether they contain key elements of the post-apocalypse, such as pee-drinking and cannibalism. The folks at io9 have made you a handy chart showing the most (and least) hardcore post-apocalyptic films of all time, after the jump.

So what's the most hardcore post-apocalyptic movie of all time? The answer probably won't surprise you...


In this chart, "warlords" refers to paramilitary leaders as well as organized thugs. "Degraded culture" means our culture has been reduced to shreds: there's the crappy Shakespeare performance in The Postman, and (scarier) Will Smith memorizing Shrek in Legend. "Weird power systems" means a jury-rigged power generator. Bonus points if it runs on pig shit.