Chase Bank Customers Can Deposit Checks Using an iPhone App

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Yeah I know, checks—antiquated money-form. I closed a bank account recently, and they sent me a check with the remaining balance—but £2.16 just doesn't seem worth the effort involved. If I banked with Chase, though...

Well, I wouldn't be banking with Chase, as I'm in the UK (where we call checks "cheques"), but for anyone who has a Chase account their updated iPhone app is definitely worth your download. Or it would be, if you can find it on the App Store—there seem to be some issues at the moment with people not being able to find it.

Once Chase/Apple irons out any bugs preventing it from showing up, you'll then be able to take a photo of the check with your iPhone, and deposit it through the app reportedly, with 9to5Mac's Seth saying that it worked perfectly for him, but it only allows deposits of $1,000 a day, and $3,000 a week.


The technology isn't exactly new, as USAA (a privately-held bank and insurance company) added the functionality to its app last year. Chase, to my (UK)-knowledge, is a much larger bank (part of the "big four," along with Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo), so therefore it's a pretty big step and could really help out their customers, who like me, are too lazy to walk to the bank to deposit a $3.28 check. [iTunes via 9to5Mac]

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Ya gotta wonder, with the fact that Jailbreak allows for root access and allows you to get into the interior App packages on the phone, how long it'll be before someone uses their Photoshop skills to start making their own checks, inserts them into the App, and sends them off to Chase. I'm sure there are safeguards in place for stuff like that (digitally signing images, only creating the file on their main server, etc.), but with enough tech knowhow, there's probably ways around it.

Welcome to the era of iPhone Check Forgery...