Cheap Goodies on Google Play for the Next Five Days

Google just crossed the rather staggering 25 billion apps downloaded mark, and to celebrate it's offering some heavy discounts. For the next five days you can download apps from top developers (Game Loft, EA, Rovio, and others) for just 25 cents a pop. And that's just the app side.

There's also going to be steep discounts on collections like "25 movies you must own," "25 banned books," "25 albums that changed the world," and Google's "25 top selling magazines." Music will be $4 and album, books will be $1, movies will be $5 (to own), and magazines will be $2. Not bad. You can visit the Google Play homepage each day to find out what's on special.


Apple's App Store hit 30 billion downloads from 650,000 apps this last June. Google now claims 25 billion downloads from 675,000 apps in the Play Store. At this rate we could see Android downloads catch up to Apple by year's end. Your move, Windows Phone. [Android Blog]

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