Check out an alternate reality Avengers and a Potterish My Little Pony

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This weekend in the world of cartoons we have an interesting selection for your viewing pleasure. Earlier in this week we were greeted by a visit from Root Beer Guy on Adventure Time, while this weekend an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs that I'm sure many of you will identify with.


TMNT is off this week. As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Steven Universe - "Bubble Buddies"

Steven is surrounded by ladies in his new position as a member of Crystal Gems, but this week he finds a special someone he really likes and traps her in a crystal bubble. Normal guy stuff.

Regular Show - "The Heart of a Stuntman"

Timmy's tenth birthday is this week, leading Mordecai and Rigby to venture out and get their stuntman licenses when the one scheduled for 'lil Tim's party cancels at the last minute. Check out the clip for a montage of their journey through stunt school.

Adventure Time - "Root Beer Guy"

This episode opens with a look at the relatively mundane life of Root Beer Guy, telemarketer and denizen of the Candy Kingdom. His normal life gets crazy when his pastime of writing hard-boiled fiction is interrupted by Finn and Jake kidnapping Princess Bubblegum.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - "Daring Don't"

Rainbow Dash is whipped into a Deathly Hallows level of frenzy awaiting the new release from A.K. Yearling. When the author has a few unexpected delays, RD and friends visit to lend a hand. Who will Rainbow Dash visit next? George R. R. Martin? Patrick Rothfuss?


Avengers Assemble - "Planet Doom"

Doctor Doom uses a combination of time travel and cunning to rip the Avengers from the history books and install himself as Ruler of Earth. This alternate universe episode features some nice nods to Marvel's recent past, including the Defenders and one of Peter Parker's aliases from Slingers.


Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. - "The Venom Inside"

Want a simple recipe for a Marvel cartoon? Do a Venom symbiote episode! Check out the clip above to see a Venom-controlled Skarr.


Top image courtesy of Disney and Cartoon Network.




Sigh... I still miss Young Justice. The new Teen Titans isn't bad as a comedy, but it's not a fair replacement.