Check Out Android L in Action on a Samsung Galaxy S5

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It's been months since Google first gave us a glimpse of Android L and the Material Design manifesto. But now, the slick-looking operating system is finally getting close to primetime. At least that's how this new video from SamMobile of a Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android L makes it seem.

This is hardly the first time we've seen Android L in action. However, this is first time we've seen Android L mashed up with Samsung's TouchWiz interface and out in the wild. It's also one of the most complete builds we've seen. So maybe it won't take a bajillon years for Android L to show up on Samsung phones!

The addition of TouchWiz means the subtraction of some Android L features. The new notifications on the home screen, for instance, max out at two rather than the standard four. But on the bright side, it seems like Samsung might get rid of TouchWiz blue theme in favor of a cleaner white look.


The list goes on, and SamMobile shows off every screen imaginable in the video, in addition to having a whole host of screenshots. The blog's sources also say that the final name for the new Android OS will indeed be Lollipop. With October upon us and Nexus rumors in full swing, it shouldn't be long until we find out. [SamMobile]