Check Out the 148-Story View from the World's Highest Observation Deck

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As long as architects keep building up (and up, and up), folks are going to want to check out the view from way up in the air. Well: The Burj Khalifa just unveiled a new observation deck that gets visitors a little closer to heaven on the 148th floor—that's about 1,821 feet. Gulp.


At the Top SKY is now one of three observation decks in the ultimate supertall—the other two are on the 124th and 125th stories—and Guinness has confirmed it's now in the record books for highest in the world.


It's not cheap to take the two-elevator journey—tickets are over $100—but once you're there, it's just about taking in the scenery while hanging out in a luxury lounge (of course) and most likely reflecting on how insane it is that structures can be so exceptionally massive.

And at least the floor's not glass, amirite? And if you go, you gotta promise: no BASE jumps, okay? [Architectural Digest]

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