Check Out These Amazing Pictures of Today’s Snow Bomb Cyclone Thing

You know the drill: when it snows on America’s East coast, everyone else has to read endless explanations of “weather bombs” and “polar vortices,” regardless of where on Earth they live. But you have to admit, this thing looks amazing.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES satellite snapped this picture of winter storm Grayson hammering the United States’ East Coast. I generally think winter storm names are a dumb idea, but this storm validates just how intense a Nor’easter can be.

You probably have already read about what’s going on, so I’ll be brief: You’re looking at warm air from the Gulf of Mexico intersecting with frigid air in the North. The two spiral into one another and create a cyclone. This produces the weather “bomb,” or the pressure dropping precipitously: at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.


This is mainly jargon, and what’s important here is that it’s snowing a crapload and the images are amazing. Here’s the shot of the entire globe:

And here’s the Doppler radar showing what the East coast looks like now:


The GOES-East satellite is updating intermittently, and you can keep watch here. If you’re braving the storm, stay inside and don’t order takeout. If you’re in the rest of the world, enjoy these amazing weather pics and maybe a little schadenfreude.



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