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US Army's new awesome helmet turns war into deadly video game

Illustration for article titled US Armys new awesome helmet turns war into deadly video game

It seems like something out of Halo, but this new futuristic soldier helmet discovered by KitUp! is now being tested by the US Army. Called the Helmet Electronics and Display System-Upgradeable Protection, it's a modular variation of the current head gear, with face-protective 9mm plating and Heads Up Display powered by an Android phone.


Created after a four year research program at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, it will provide with much better protection and useful features than the current models. And it looks so cool too—although not as awesome and scary as the demon helmet.


I can imagine an awesome HUD too, with live targeting, GPS battle mapping, text communication from mission commanders, live video from surveillance drones and general battle status display. And since it's powered by a phone, it will be upgradable with new apps. Not to mention the possibility of integrating it with some mundane things, like listening to AC/DC's Shoot to Thrill while driving a Humvee at full speed through the desert.

Yes, going to war will be like playing a video game in which you can actually die.

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I'm sure this will never see the light of day as the downvote-hammer destroys it, but...


Remember Star-Wars? Remember all the helmeted, replaceable, faceless, inhuman goons? Remember their armor and their firepower and their soullessness?

Remember how our unarmored, unshaven rebels defeated them? And how good that felt, knowing that the good guys didn't hide behind masks? Every rebel was a person, a human being. From Han to—even—Porkins. All relatable and frail, and you felt for them?

In battle-arenas where we're fighting for hearts and minds, this shit is a terrible idea. The best face forward in those situations is a FACE. It's not on accident that we send in special operations people to places to live with locals and adopt their dress and folkways. The goal in these "Spreading Americanism" productions is to show that we're people, just like them. We look them in the eye, we stand near them and hold their hand, we're humanitarians. Not stormtroopers.