Chevrolet Made An Air Conditioner Just for Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t love having an ultra-thin smartphone you can slip into your pocket? But during hot summer days with little room to breathe, that collection of plastic, metal, and silicon can get a pretty heated—especially when charging. That’s why Chevrolet is introducing a smartphone air conditioner as a thing we need.


In the 2016 Malibu, Volt, Cruze, Impala, and other vehicles, Chevrolet will install an additional air conditioning vent that pipes cool air directly onto a charging smartphone. It only works when the AC is on, but presumably if the passengers are comfortable enough to not need it switched on, there’s little risk of a charging phone getting too hot.

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Overheating can be problem when a smartphone is charging wirelessly, which now come standard in many vehicles. And when you’re relying on your mobile device for streaming music, answering phone calls, and navigation, having it shut off from dangerous temps is both inconvenient and annoying.

Does it sound like overkill? Probably, but keeping your pricey gadget at a comfy climate only benefits its longevity—and your nerves.


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Denver is too damn high

Gold star for effort but, the reason my phone gets hot in the car is google maps thrashes the cpu. You know what I can’t see when the phone is down there getting cooled off? Google maps.